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SKU: TE388

Availability: Call for Availability

Categories: Court Equipment, Ball Retriever

Bradn: Oncourt Offcourt

  • Description

    The MultiMower is the best value ball mower in the industry!  It doubles as a teaching cart, stretching your budget like never before!  It is easy to transport and is equipped with a unique “ridged” roller for a smooth and effortless ball pick-up.  Plus, 2 extra back wheels make it easy to tilt and roll over small bumps on walkways.  Ground level pick-up arms close for feeding or wheeling through gates.  Another great feature is that the unit picks up regular tennis balls, plus red, orange, and green transition balls.  The new and improved heavy-duty hinge design allows for the ball retrievable arms to fold, allowing the MultiMower to pass easily through normal doorways and gates.  Holds 200 balls in the top and 100 in the bottom.

    Top basket dimensions:  10″ front to back, 22.5″ wide, and 6.5″ deep.

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 44 Ibs
    • Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 24 in
    • Court Equipment Type:Ball Hoppers/Retreivers
    • Court Equipment Color: Black
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