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Babolat Pure Aero Tour Racquet 2019

Babolat Pure Aero Tour Racquet 2019


With the 2019 Pure Aero Tour, Babolat tweaks the feel but keeps the spin, precision and plow-through of the previous generation.  As the heaviest member of the Pure Aero family, this stick is designed for strong intermediates and advanced level players.  It does a better job absorbing and redirecting higher levels of pace.  It also puts more mass (energy) into your shot, making it easier for you to overpower your opponent.  For this version Babolat retools their Cortex technology with a more advanced dampening compound along with a more optimal location higher in the racquet.  The upshot is a lightly softer feel at impact.  This stick also features FSI Spin technology which utilizes wider string spacing for extra bite along with oblong grommets at 6 and 12 o’clock to maximize string movement and snapback.  From the baseline, the Pure Aero Tour feels crisp, soldi9a dn accurate.  Finally, in addition to the solid feel on block volleys, the head light balance gives this stick enough speed on reaction shots to make this an all-court weapon.  Ultimately, with some incremental tweaks to the feel, the Pure Aero Tour remains one of the better options for the player who wants a stable and spin-friendly weapon that hits a heavy ball on full swings

  • Tech Specs

    eight 2.0000 lbs
    Dimensions 28 × 14 × 4 in
    Adult Racquets Grip Size

    1-4 1/8", 2-4 1/4", 3-4 3/8", 4 -4 1/2"

    Adult Racquets Head Size

    Mid Plus 95 to 105

    Adult Racquets Weight Range

    11.1 to 11.5 oz

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