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Wilson Revolve Spin

Wilson Revolve Spin

SKU: TS4-85

Category: String

Brand: Wilson

  • Description

    Wilson’s new Revolve Spin 16 gauge is a 5 sided shaped version of Wilson’s Revolve co-polyester string. This is a lower power control/spin string designed for hard hitting spin players. It also features a special low-friction UHMW material, allowing the strings to snap back quicker returning more energy to the ball, hence more spin added. This is a great option for intermediate and advanced players that play aggressively looking to maximize spin and still have reasonable string durability.

    Composition: Co-polyester (Crosslink Ester Polymer w/low-friction UHMW material)

    Gauge: 16g/1.30mm

    Colors: Green, Black

    Length: 40ft/12.2mm

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 0.13 Ibs
    • String Type: Polyester
    • String Package: Single Set
    • String Color: Black, Green, Lime Green
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