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SKU: TE370

Versatile rolling net assembly with height adjustment.


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Categories: Court Equipment, Tennis Nets

Brand: Oncourt Offcourt

  • Description

    Wheel the net to the side of the court when not in use. When parents come to hit with their kids, they can pull out the net that their children are using in their tennis classes, borrow the “red balls” from the pro shop or buy their own, and help their young children in a meaningful way.
    Use as a tennis training aid. The versatile Roll-a-Net adjusts in height from tennis height all the way up to the 60-inch regulation height needed for badminton. In fact, it is a terrific badminton net as well. You can also use it as a training aid for adults or juniors to hit over as it raises the height of the actual tennis net when placed in front of it. You can also place it on the opposing service line for the players to practice hitting deeper, while hitting more penetrating balls through the court. For badminton lovers, these badminton nets are perfect for home, school, and club use!

    Painted with weather-resistant polyester paint to help avoid rusting with outdoor use.
    Center support wheel
    Locking wheels
    Adjustable net tension
    Net rolls up easily.
    Store in nylon duffel on wheels.

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 15 Ibs
    • Court Equipment Type: Nets
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