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Multinet System 18ft (1 net)

Multinet System 18ft (1 net)

SKU: TE332

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Categories: Tennis Nets, 10 & Under, Court Equipment

Brand: Clarke

  • Description

    The patented MultiNet is the most durable and versatile portable net system in the world. Check out the following unique features:

    Multi-purpose – The only 18-foot net that works for 36-foot tennis court height and regulation Badminton height. Adjusts to 33 inches or 60 inches in the middle, respectively, every time!

    Telescoping poles – The vertical net poles raise and lower with a patented telescopic connector.

    Built-in Airzone – The only 18-foot net with a built-in training system. The bright yellow top band creates an Airzone up to 68 inches to help develop spin and arc.

    Built-in second net – Connect top band to fence or regular net to create a second net. Save money on extra nets or Caution Tape.

    Built-in scoring system – The only net with a patented built-in scorekeeper for drilling and competition. Easy for young children to use! Package comes with 2 sets of score markers (a total of 8 pieces) in the event some pieces are lost.

    Tube-protected bungee – The bungee-connected middle section is protected with a plastic tube to prevent fraying and breaking!

    Quick set up – The bases are designed with our patented “quick-hinge” design for super quick set-up combined with a 4-piece bungee connected middle section. No pieces to lose.

    Light-weight – MultiNet weighs 15 pounds (compare to the Wilson Bungee Net Systems at 13 pounds but without the MultiNet’s features!

    Multi-section zippered bag – Three sections make storage easier and help eliminate tangled nets.

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 5 Ibs
    • 10 and Under Tennis Type: 10 and Under Tennis
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