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LoveOne Tennis Scoreboard

LoveOne Tennis Scoreboard

SKU: TE412-1

Availability: Call for Availability

Categories: Court Equipment, Score Keepers

Brand: LoveOne

  • Description

    Manufactured from high quality polymer plastic that is built to last. Scores for both teams are easy to read from a distance, and the board fastens easily to all types of net posts. 8″ wide x 30″ high x 1/2″ thickness. Indicators are 2″ in diameter. It scores: 2-out-of-3 sets, 8 game pro set for juniors & 10 Point tie-breakers. UV and weather resistant. (Mounting Bracket & Indicators Included).

    Dimensions: 8″ wide x 30″ high x 1/2″ thickness

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 6 Ibs
    • Dimensions: 32 x 12 x 4 in
    • Court Equipment Type: Draw Sheets/Ladders, Score Keepers
    • Court Equipment Color: Blue-Yellow, Green-Red, Green-Yellow, Red-Yellow
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