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Head Hawk Rough 17G – Anthracite

Head Hawk Rough 17G – Anthracite

SKU: TS9-65-17

Spin it any way you want. The Hawk Rough Tour String, the perfect string for high-level versatile players, has a rougher surface that provides more bite and increases the spin on the ball. Thanks to the innovative Crystal Core Technology, a manufacturing process that allows to influence each string’s individual balance between power and control, the HAWK ROUGH textured monofilament string features a bigger crystalline inner core responsible for providing ultimate touch and control to your game. If versatility is your game’s middle name, this one is the perfect string for you.

Composition: Co-Polyester, monofilament

Gauge: 17/1.23mm

Color: Anthracite

Length: 40ft/12m

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