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Babolat Addiction Reel

Babolat Addiction Reel


Category: String

Brand: Babolat

  • Description

    Babolat Addiction 16g is Babolat’s slightly firmer and more durable multifilament version similar to Xcel but with added toughness.Babolat Addiction 17g is Babolat’s slightly firmer, thinner 17 gauge, version of Addiction in a thinner better playing 17 gauge.An excellent choice for the player looking for power, comfort, and feel in a less expensive string. Durability is also enhanced with Polytetrafluorethylene, a low friction coating material used to reduce string notching and excessive string wear. 

    Composition: Multifilament

    Color: Natural

    Length: 660 feet / 200m

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 0.13 Ibs
    • String Package: 660' Reel
    • String Type: Multifilament
    • String Gauge: 16, 17
    • String Color: Natural
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